A unique week full of readings, interviews, discussions, translation projects, theatre, film and music.

  Forty poets will be attending, among whom H.H. ter Balkt, Anna Enquist, Ferreira Gullar, Gerrit Komrij, Rutger Kopland, Les Murray, David Malouf, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Craig Raine, Gonzalo Rojas, Matthew Sweeney, Wilma Stockenström,Toon Tellegen and Joop Visser.

Main themes: contemporary Latin American poetry (with poets from Chili, Mexico en Brazilië);the dramatic monologue; sound poetry; the epic poem; the human body.

Music by Trio Clusone, Captain Gumbo, Fay Lovsky, De Tent Band and Raise the Roof.

 Participating poets
 Programme on day to day basis

Information: (010) 282 27 77

Reservations: (010) 411 81 10